Meet the Cast | FIND Park City

Meet the Cast!

I attended the Film Is Not Dead Workshop in Park City, UT last month. To sum it all up - it was an awesome experience.

The first day it was much like walking into MTV's Real World or America's Next Top Model house. Strangers, unsure of this place we'd be calling home for the next three days and the people we'd be calling roommates, but all sharing a common interest - no - a passion.  Three or so days passed and leaving the house, we were all very much a family (minus the Real World drama). These cats were all so cool...and I knew I wanted to capture them all on instant film (despite these photos disappointingly having a very green hue). Meet them all below!

FIND Master Jonathan Canlas and the FIND Lab's best beard and awesome black and white scan editor, Chris Kale. Also one of the rad dudes from the Snap It See It blog.


The very cool, calm and collected Corinne and the coolest Aussie I've ever met, Kate.

Killer smizes coming at you, Jacquelyn and "I'm not photogenic," but common you really are too cute, April.

My east coast homie and Square format, black and white film amazing, Jaclyn and my sweet roomie, who totally made you feel at home, Jeana.

Our other house model, and who Jon was talking about when asked "Where's Victoria!?" Victoria and chill, brave night long exposure shooter, Nate.

I think these two win  warmest and friendliest smile award, Kim and Ryan.

The Cali girls! Jenna, with her welcoming and bubbly personality and Jen, inquisitive and fashionable.

Me! Taken by Corinne and then a self portrait of me at the Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway.

Another awesome FIND Lab-er, Jordan (on Polaroid Sepia film). And I got to grab a few other instant shots with the FINDers...

Snap It See It peeps, Chris and myself, outside the FIND Lab (hey, like instant film, go check out the Snap It See It blog, @snapitseeit on Twitter and Instagram!)  Taken by Jonathan Canlas on Fuji FP-3000b with a modified Polaroid back on a Mamiya RZ.